We grow greener cities where people and nature thrive.

Hello. We’re the Green Infrastructure Research Group.

We’re an interdisciplinary team of Australia’s leading green infrastructure experts with a shared passion for using plants to make cities more liveable. 

Meet our team.

Growing greener cities is what we do best.

We create and embed knowledge and technologies in smart design, construction and maintenance of green spaces, trees, parks, wetlands, rain gardens, community gardens and green roofs and facades in built environments.

Our work is key to a healthier, happier life.

Our changing climate, booming city populations, soaring energy costs and building works are ideal conditions to maximise the vast benefits of nature in built environments. In cities around the world, people are living healthier, happier and longer lives with the help of green infrastructure.

People move and exercise more, enjoy improved emotional health, breath cleaner air and, through cooler microclimates, experience less heat-related illness and death. People also enjoy the aesthetics, living art, culture and heritage that green infrastructure brings to life in cities.

Industry, government and the community enjoy huge financial payoffs: productivity and property values increase and buildings are protected, while costs of flooding, stormwater management and energy decrease.

Fusing the natural world with our city life also creates and preserves valuable habitats and ecological biodiversity, conserves water and improves waterway health. Crucially for climate change adaptation and resilience, green infrastructure absorbs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

This is all great news for people and our planet and we’re determined to push the field forward.

Discover how our leading research and teaching are changing the world for the better.

We’re in this together.

We value our long and close strategic collaborations with local and international industry, researchers, government and communities. Our focus on end-users, the quality of our work and the relationships we build drive our repeat and referral collaborations―we’re trusted by:

Our collaborators: Melbourne water, Hort Innovation, Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, City of Melbourne, City of Port Phillip, City of Stonnington, City of Yarra, Maribyrnong City Council