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Impact-driven innovators, thinkers and problem solvers, we’re on a quest to build green solutions for people and our planet.


A/Prof John Rayner

Expertise: Green roofs as an adaptation to climate change, landscape design and plant performance, social and therapeutic landscapes

A/Prof Nick Williams

Expertise: Grassland ecology and restoration, green roofs, green walls, urban plant ecology, weed invasions

Dr Claire Farrell

Expertise: Green roofs, plant selection, green roof substrates, stormwater runoff, plant drought tolerance

A/Prof Stephen Livesley

Expertise: Microclimate cooling, green roof energy savings, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, water quality

Dr Caragh Threlfall

Expertise: Urban ecology and biodiversity, landscape ecology, social-ecological dynamics of human dominated landscapes

Dr Chris Szota

Expertise: Green roofs, street trees, rain gardens, stormwater runoff, plant nutrient uptake and drought tolerance

Dr Kate Lee

Expertise: Environmental psychology, industrial and organisational psychology, cognitive psychology, urban horticulture, urban design

Dr Camilo Ordóñez

Expertise: Urban nature and people, climate change adaptation, management and governance, green infrastructure technologies, urban forests and trees


Postgraduate researchers

Completed postgraduate researchers