Luis Orozco-Aguilar

Luis is investigating tree biomass and growth rate modeling to improve the assessment of urban tree benefits.

A particular focus of this research project is to consolidate data on growth rate of the most common tree species within Melbourne urban landscape in order to more accurately calculate the environmental services provide by urban trees in the context of climate change.

This research is being developed in collaboration with the urban landscape unit of the City of Melbourne and is partially funded by The Frank Keenan Trust Fund.

The development of a “site-specific” allometric equation for assessing biomass yield which consider wood decay progression in urban trees may assist ‘arborist’ in justifying the retention and pruning of exiting trees, rather than their removal.

The results of this research can also better inform decision-makers how to achieve the canopy cover goals as described in the city’s forest strategy and to make Melbourne a more liveable city.

Luis is an international student and is partly funded by the Madeline Selwyn Smith Memorial competitive scholarship in Arboriculture.

Luis has a research master’s degree in tropical agroforestry and 23 publications that comprise both technical manuals, reports and refereed journal papers.

He has also delivered and coordinated a number of short courses and forums on coffee and cacao agroforestry systems.


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