Nature of Cities World Summit

3 AUGUST 2019

Dr Amy Hahs and Dr Camilo Ordóñez Barona recently attended The Nature of Cities World Summit in Paris to help thought leaders around the world to innovate for greener cities.

This was the inaugural summit of The Nature of Cities community, an ‘idea hive’ where thought leaders from communities of practice, policy, and academia come together to discuss the nature of cities—green cities that are better for people and nature.

Amy developed this session in collaboration with anthropologist Ferne Edwards (RMIT Barcelona), landscape architect Yun Hye Hwang (National University of Singapore) and architect Kevin Sloan (Texas A&M University).

Discussion focused on what types of urban nature exist, how people engage with nonhumans in cities, what strategies could be implemented to overcome conflict – transforming cities into harmonious multi-species spaces.

Camilo led the Seed Session “A stick or a carrot? – How can cities retain existing trees and plant more trees on private lands?”.

Municipal officers, advocacy groups, practitioners and researchers shared experiences and identified mechanisms to retain and increase urban trees and canopy cover in private lands.

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