Woody meadow workshops at Burnley

31 August 2018

Our team recently ran woody meadow workshops for practitioners and explored new research opportunities.

For the last three years, we’ve been collaborating with the City of Melbourne, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, the Trawalla Foundation and The University of Sheffield on the Woody Meadow Project.


This project aims to improve the amenity and function of public open space plantings by using Australian shrubs selected for their high flowering and aesthetic values. These shrubs are cut back periodically to stimulate growth – also known as coppicing – and to minimise their maintenance needs.

We recently ran two workshops with practitioners to review project progress and outcomes, and to discuss opportunities for future research that evaluates woody meadow potential across a range of urban contexts and sites.

Due to the significant interest in the project from practitioners and agencies, we’re now hoping to develop a larger woody meadow research project through an ARC Linkage grant proposal.

Find out more about the Woody Meadow Project.