Working across borders for greener cities

3 AUGUST 2019

Our team is busy collaborating, building capacity and forging new connections for greener cities – exciting times in Sweden, France and Australia!

Dr Steve Livesley will be contributing to the Cooler and Greener Streetscapes Workshop, facilitated by the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Further afield this July at the Novatech Urban Water Conference in Lyon, France, Dr Claire Farrell chaired a session on bioretention, with presentations from some of our PhD students including:

  • Dean Schrieke – Potential stormwater mitigation by green roof colonising plants
  • Joerg Werdin – Biochar for green roof substrate performance
  • Jasmine Thom – Tree-based stormwater control measures

In July, PhD candidate Dean Schrieke also visited Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, to collaborate with Joel Lönnqvist on green roof plant research

We’re so proud of our incredible PhD students for stepping onto an international stage to share their expertise, collaborate and build new connections for impact.

We’re also excited to share the news that A/Prof Nick Williams and A/Prof Steve Livesley have been awarded funds from the Albert Shimmins International Fellowship, to facilitate visits from international academics to the University of Melbourne.

Dr Myla Aronson from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey is visiting from 30 June to 11 August, and Prof Diane Pataki, University of Utah will visit from 15 November to 15 December.

During these times, Myla and Diane will:

  • Be actively engaged in research within the University of Melbourne’s School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences
  • Present a faculty-wide lecture
  • Engage with masters and research students
  • Foster a research program within respective School research groups.

Finally, Dr Sara Barron and Dr Steve Livesley will be going along to the Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Conference Asia Pacific Rim Universities at the University of NSW in September.

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