Water sensitive urban design


Integrating smart water cycle management into urban planning and design.

Water sensitive urban design integrates smart water cycle management into urban planning and design for sustainability and liveability outcomes in urban environments, wider regions and catchments. It is also known as ‘integrated water cycle management’, ‘whole of water cycle management’ and ‘sustainable water management’.

Our research impact

We advance water sensitive urban design knowledge to help government, building owners, the construction industry and design community find the best ways of managing stormwater, groundwater, wastewater, water consumption and rainwater in built environments.

We work with colleagues, particularly the Waterway Ecosystem Research Group, to discover new solutions through innovations in rain gardens (also known as ‘bioretention systems’ or ‘biofilters’), green roofs, tree pits, grassed or landscaped swales and infiltration trenches.


Veggie raingardens

Optimising saline biofilter performance through plant selection

Road edge treatments for stormwater reduction and street tree health